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Our ZiL-131 SAUN has now arrived safely in Tallinn. You can check out a video of our roadtrip across Estonia with it here:

Along the way, we discovered that the ZiL-131 SAUN is in much better condition than we thought and also much more fuel efficient. As a result, it's easier for us to visit events and take it to customers at a lower cost. No one has yet selected the reward to have the sauna delivered to their location, but if anyone is interested then they can drop us an email at and we can arrange a better price than what we originally listed in the rewards.

Since our last update, we've also realised that this year might be a tough one for all of us due to the coronavirus situation. That will also make it more challenging to encourage sauna tourism to Estonia, but only in the short term. We've already had cancelled visits, including journalists planning to visit us from abroad. In the long term though, we're still confident about our plan and we'll be ready to help Estonia bounce back. In the meantime, we'll focus more on sauna exports. We also totally understand if you want to wait longer until you visit our saunas. We will honour our commitments to every backer, no matter how long it takes until you are ready to visit us.


Our ZiL-131 SAUN made its debut last weekend at the European Sauna Marathon in Otepää. We gathered valuable feedback about how to improve the sauna, took part in media interviews, and also had lots of fun. Our mission is to make Estonia more famous globally as a sauna-loving nation, which is good for Estonia's sauna exports and tourism - so we are already on the right track. Here's a full video update about our time there in Otepää:

We also went on Ringvaade last week to speak about the ZiL-131 SAUN and convince more Estonians to help us make 'leil' the first Estonian word to enter English. You can watch Anni's interview here:

Please do subscribe to us on YouTube ( because our next video will feature our biggest challenge yet - driving the ZiL-131 SAUN across Estonia from Otepää to Tallinn (and hopefully not breaking down along the way!)

Thank you to everyone who has backed us so far.

All the best,

Anni and Adam

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We're halfway through our fundraising campaign and just less than halfway to our goal. We think our chances of success are about 50% too so we really appreciate everyone who has backed us so far and we will do something nice for everyone who backs us even if we don't succeed.

We've already had some great media coverage in Estonian, English, and Russian:

The best is yet to come though.

This week, we're transporting our ZiL-131 SAUN from its current home in Virumaa to the European Sauna Marathon in Otepää, which takes place this Saturday. The ZiL-131 SAUN will be part of the course so participants have to find it along the way.

We sponsor the European Sauna Marathon as part of our mission to raise the profile Estonia as a sauna nation. So we've also been inviting journalists from around the world to meet us there and some have accepted our invitation. As a result, we're expecting some interesting media coverage in the final days of our crowdfunding campaign. That's good for the ZiL-131 SAUN, but also good more generally for promoting Estonia as both a sauna destination and a sauna exporter - in line with the mission that we set out. On Sunday, we will then drive our ZiL-131 SAUN across Estonia from Otepää to Tallinn - hopefully without breaking down!

In addition to the media coverage, we'll be documenting all this action ourselves through our blog and social media channels so you can follow us here if you don't already:

Thank you so much to everyone who has backed us so far.

All the best,

Anni & Adam


Praeguseks on pool meie kampaania perioodist möödas ja oleme saavutanud veidi alla poole oma seatud eesmärgist. Arvame, et meil on umbes 50% võimalus oma eesmärk veel siiski saavutada ning soovime südamest tänada kõiki neid, kes juba on meile hoogu andnud ning tahame ka eesmärgi mitte-täitumisel kõiki meie toetajaid meeles pidada.

Meid on ka mitmelpool meedias kajastatud:

Kuid parim on siiski veel tulemas ...

Sel laupäeval leiab aset Otepää Euroopa Saunamaraton, kuhu viime ka oma ZiL-131 SAUNa. ZiL-131 SAUN saab olema üks osa maratonist, mida kõik osalejad ka proovida saavad.

Meie missiooniks on Eesti tutvustamine sauna-maana. Seepärast oleme sel aastal Saunamaratoni ametlikud sponsorid ning kutsunud siia välisajakirjanikke meiega kohtuma. Nii mõnedki neist on meie kutsele vastanud ning seega ootame põnevaid meediakajastusi oma Hooandja projekti viimastel päevadel. See on kasulik nii meie ZiL-131 SAUNa kampaaniale, kuid ka üleüldiselt Eesti sauna-turismile ning Eesti sauna ekspordile. Pühapäeval plaanime ZiL-131 SAUNAga Otepäält Tallinna sõita ja loodame, et masin sõidu vastu peab!

Lisaks meediakajastustele, kirjutame ka ise oma tegevustest oma blogis ja sotsiaalmeedia kanalites, kus võite meid jälgida:

Täname südamest kõiki oma seniseid toetajaid!


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