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My name is Lyosha Razin and I am a teacher of Russian. I enjoy introducing the beauty of the Russian language to my International students making the learning process interesting and fun. I use games for teaching.


RUSwithFUN is an interactive videogame, which is my new project allowing anyone interested in learning Russian to do so with much fun. You can check it out on: www.ruswithfun.com


The idea of the RUSwithFUN game is quite simple: students have to guess words which are being explained to them by our teachers, actors and TV-presenters in a spontaneous manner as if in the company of friends or in the natural course of the day. We have created more than 500 videos already, and will be making 500 more in the nearest future.

The game has three levels: Easy, Normal and Advanced. Each game set has 10 explanatory videos.

At the end of each game set, you will see your results.


It is also possible to check the answers, rewatch the explanatory videos and learn phrases from the subtitles.

Most of the work is almost done and the demo-version of the website is ready. However, in order to finish the first stage of the project, we need 1200 euro of additional funding.

Thanks to your help we will be able to make additional videos (the more videos there are, the more interesting the game is). It will also help us to add required functionality to the website, as well as attract the initial users.

We are delighted to share some bonus gifts with you to express our gratitude.

Your support is highly appreciated!